Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
Name:Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
About Us
Guangzhou Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shallpack) is the pioneer in Chinese labeling machinery, with over 20 year experience in labeling equipment. Over 90% of the mechanical components of Shallpack labeling equipment are fabricated in our 8,000 m2 modern factory. Focused on innovation, Shallpack has already obtained 15 technical patents. Our efforts in R&D has also been recognized by Chinese government who has rewarded Shallpack with prizes and financial supports. In 2016 alone, Shallpack has been granted with Little Giant Enterprise of Science & Technology Innovation and Guangdong Province High & New Technology Enterprise. Shallpack conducts ISO 9001 management system and complies with GMP and CE standards. +1,000 clients, covering electronics, chemical, beverage, food and..
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